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Two terrible tastes that go great together?

mark-on-backThere’s a weird consistency with which the most publicly vocal partisans of the position that Microsoft is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hell also seem to regularly express the opinion that there’s really no problem, or at least no problem worth talking about, with women in the open source software community.

  • 2009 has been a pretty hair-raising year from the standpoint of women’s involvement in open source development.
  • Coming in, we knew that the level of participation by women in our projects is around 1.5%, versus a level close to twenty times that in the proprietary software world. And we’ve seen

A heavily sexualized presentation by Matt Aimonetti at the Golden Gate Ruby Conference
An even more heavily sexualized presentation (NSFW) by Hoss Gifford at Flashbelt
A bit of “harmless fun” from Richard Stallman at the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit involving his “holy duty” to “relieve” specifically female “EMACS virgins” of their “virginity”
Most recently, a keynote from Mark Shuttleworth at LinuxCon, containing, in the space of less than an hour, a hooker joke, a comment about how difficult printing is to explain to “your mom or your grandmom”, and another on how much trouble “we” have explaining what “we” do to “girls”

What’s interesting here is to note who’s taking the position that there really isn’t an issue worth talking about here. In Carla Schroder’s recent columns on “Sexism in the FOSS Community”, among the voices wondering what all the fuss is about are anonymo-nauts such as “GreyGeek”, “twitter” and “Jose_X”, all Boycott Novell regulars.


During the fracas over GCDS, Roy Schestowitz was one of the first to attempt the moronic diversion of claiming that it was “really all about Mono”. As though even if it were, somehow, “about Mono” (which it’s not, don’t get excited), that makes it okay, in some way, for the president of the FSF to make clearly sexist jokes about nonconsensually deflowering the female members of the audience, in a context where they’re outnumbered at a ratio of about thirty-to-one.

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Schestowitz found himself obliged to issue an apology and a full retraction. Schestowitz was equally quick to blow off Shuttleworth’s poor idea of humor: “Instead of ‘Mark Shuttleworth’, that remark which rubbed Susan the wrong way could just as well come from ‘Steve Ballmer‘ or ‘Steve Jobs‘.”

Except that it didn’t. It’s difficult to know whether Schestowitz finds these inanities persuasive; if so, that’s rather sad. It’s no surprise that nowhere in his equivocations does Schestowitz display any familiarity with the concept of an “apology”.

I found this picture, from the Boycott Novell site


We see a similar pattern with Sam Varghese around Mark Shuttleworth’s recent unfortunate statements and Richard Stallman’s earlier ones. Varghese (who once devoted four full pages to brutalizing and bullying a 20-year-old college student over a blog posting) likes to remind everyone that he reported on the DebianChix fracas a while back as credentials, but he seems pretty content to rest on his laurels now.

Ideal Micro Drones For Beginners

Traxxas_quadcopterEvery producer solely quadcopter, whether or not new or outdated for the sport nonetheless has its quadcopter as the most important package deal quadcopter there. The issue is that there are too doubtless as quadricopters market. And when the selection is decreased, how do you actually know a particular producer is significantly better than the other?

Well, I have been there, worn that. Just after passing by way of a collection of accidents and burns (actually) and fly by night time employees, I said sufficient is sufficient. I wanted a reliable manufacturer that might present me inventory parts and assist firmware update required. I wished a proper Best Quadcopter Models so easy to operate and manage as a beginner, but not out of date improve my expertise.

All of us begin someplace. And if your party started this passion, you’re in the precise place.

DJI Phantom QuadcopterFor newbies, I highly advise on the acquisition started with a complete of QuadCopter kits able to fly. These are kits that include quadricopters the quadcopter itself, the battery and the transmission controller. All I want to do is often battery prices by way of a USB cable, set up the battery, and you’re ready to fly. For most quadricopters, you could calibrate it by setting the plate and that is finished by inserting the quadcopter on a flat, degree surface. This can permit better control of your sensitive quadcopter and it will be easier so that you can steal, as a result of you will have more than ample. An analogy of this is in case your automobile alignment is off and the vehicle pulls to the best. By fixing plate should not be more acceptable to drive the automotive on a straight road and even on this case, you should not extra applicable quadcopter flying in the course you want to go.

Another excuse why these full kits are an exquisite approach to begin is usually quadricopters they are very robust. You will rapidly perceive the right way to higher manage your quadcopter, and when you’ve an accident (not a query of if, however when) it will not be so painful accident quadcopter low price in contrast with a fall quadcopter semi skilled as the Phantom DJI . But don’t worry once you crash, as a result of it is part of the experience of understanding. If it is a trusted brand like Syma Hubsan or there’s a piece that normally parts that may be available for purchase, so that you do not need to buy a model new quadcopter. At first, I’d contemplate a set of spare propellers and different battery. Usually, the flight time of these kits is less than ten minutes, if you want to have an additional battery to increase your enjoyment quadcopter.

Proper right here is a list of quadricopters for inexperienced persons:

For me personally, I just like the X4 Hubsan. This can be a mini-special quadricopters costliest available on the market, and is a great mannequin for freshmen in this pastime. There’s even a packing set for the accident of this mannequin comes with parts of the body, 4 sets of spare propellers two spare engines, and an additional battery that’s lower than half the load the quadcopter.

A Simple Strategy To Win Back Him Easily

get-him-backRealizing that your boyfriend does not have to be with you and is one of the worst feelings in the world. Rend your heart and leaves a vacuum environment and helplessness that we can not see the end.

His thoughts go right up to all crazy and everything that can be felt on it and all the experiences and memories that you have built and shared together … as a couple. Sleep is almost impossible and you really want to do something you do it again to facilitate all this hurt and pain you feel.

If this sounds like what might be happening right now, go to step closer because I have some information that might make you feel significantly better. You see, these emotions are standard and certainly many women going through a similar break up and go through the same emotional pain that really end up being your man back and keep it. And you can, whatever evil you consider that the questions are. And I mean honestly. It’s not too late.

The First Step To Successful Further Relationship

So if you really think your man is the right man for you, you want to be struggling with now and in the future, be sure to watch the following video which can clarify the first intimately actions you need to take to regain your reality .

Now that you have gone through this video, you need to understand that human psychology is really the key to his heart. It’s beautiful, really, the effectiveness of this course is that women get their ex-boyfriends back. Have you read the comments ?? Works for women around the world! Men are very easy to determine everywhere?

Well, enough of what men need secret for now. If you happen to have failed the course or at least had the chance to see the video totally free, is taking positive action now …

This is the psychology of How To Get Your Man Back who tends to make them as easy to identify and easy to persuade and convince them how you want. And men are more or less the same all over the world, if this guide would run guys made ​​anywhere in the world, no matter where you are.

These are all normal for even current relationships and relatively common occurrences. Certainly does not mean your relationship is doomed to failure. Hundreds of same that have achieved using this strategy easy women.

What-Men-Secretly-ExpectQuick question on this point have thought long and hard about what I would say to give him a chance. In fact, probably thought too difficult to say what you want and at the conclusion without being able to give rise to another source of confusion where emotions are more of each other and may even be disastrous in their efforts to get him back.

This is exactly why we ask you to take these tips into consideration before making a decision on which is exactly what you say when given the opportunity. You only get one shot at this first thing in particular we will sure make things right.

Details were studied by psychological professionals and has been used to produce the performance of girls in very precise same position as lying now. So take a look and see how these strategies can help you get the result you want.

Allow this approach critical information and authorized the mission of your heart and your chances of good results could be significantly improved. Join this plan or map and bring it back would be quick and painless.

Our Verdict

This could be a very tempting for you, both emotionally and mentally, momentum and you may just want to curl up on the couch with a gallon of your favorite ice cream and vegetate in some old movies or television comfort doors. This response is pretty standard and acceptable, yet absolutely not going to help. And eventually become the absolute essence, it is extremely important that you act now and simply remain vigilant in case you really want to have and honestly back to your ex boyfriend in her life.

Do not let this window of opportunity to stop what could be the relationship that are destined to be part of.

How To Select The Ideal Multi-Blade Knife?

View # 1 – Decide whether you may have a single blade, multi-blade, or perhaps a multi-tool. If you only use a knife to open boxes or simply peeling an apple, and will do one sheet is fine. If you want a Best Survival Knife that has a little more versatility to it, then I would recommend getting a multi-blade pocket knife.

Finally, if you want something that can provide an answer to many different conditions as possible, is likely to be a multi-tool your best bet.

Important Sections of The Knife

Important Sections of The Knife

View # 2 – Do you want to block the road or not? Blades secure safer than using since the blade is locked in the open position, thereby stopping the knife to fold in the hand during use. If you want this security feature, then you should probably go with a blade knife one, as most of the multi-blade knives and tools do not have a locking mechanism on it.

Consider # 3 – Do you get the brand pocket knife or private label? I would definitely recommend sticking with the name of popular brands, including Spyderco, Buck Knives, Case & Sons Cutlery, Bench-made, Gerber Gear and a lot of others on the market today. The main reason for sticking to the knife known these signs is that they have a long history of developing quality pocket knives usually have great support.

Another benefit of the survival of these well-known brands is that you will find tons of online reviews of various knives, which will help you gain a deeper look into what are the knives are good and which are bad, and the knives I pocket stand the test of time.


Select The Knife With High-End Steel Material

urlView # 4 – hat is the type of material the blade is better? There is always a lot of discussion about this topic, but here are some guidelines that can help you make a decision that is best for you. Stainless steel a little soft, which makes it easy to sharpen the blade and still maintain an advantage over a period of time for decent.

Carbon steel is harder than steel, and will hold the edge longer, but is more difficult to sharpen when the time comes for it to be sharp. Another option lovable, especially with the knife collectors and those who are looking for a beautiful piece of craftsmanship, is Damascus.

Damascus steel is often beautiful patterns within the steel is what made ​​Samurai swords. Damascus-like stainless steel in its properties, which means it’s strong enough to hold the advantage, but soft enough to sharpen.

View # 5 – How much should you pay for a pocket knife? Although there really any rules or guidelines difficult to follow here, remember that you get what you pay for. That said, you can usually pick up a decent pocket knife for $ 30 to $ 60. For more information visit the site to learn all about different pocket knives.

There are also cheaper but it is likely to fall along with the price as well as quality securities, and there are more expensive paper that comes sometimes with a knife with the best quality, and sometimes not.

Our Verdict

Finding the best pocket knife is certainly a challenge with so many models out there today, so be sure to do a comprehensive research and read a lot of reviews before making a buying decision. Remember that there is no one best pocket knife of all, it is a personal choice and preference and depends on what you want the knife. You may carry a Best EDC Knife around with you to tackle day-to-day tasks.

Guide on How To Fly a Quadcopter – Right Direction

You may have noticed some pretty amazing flying devices today. UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) are becoming increasingly common. Fans also are receiving a growing number of take one. But along with an excellent selection of models and brands that you may wonder, what is the upper quadcopter to begin with.

You will find a number of variations on family members multirotor. In essence, the most common is the quadcopter, such as DJI Phantom. Quadcopter uses four engines and propellers to create the momentum necessary to lift the plane.

May be mechanically simpler than the traditional main helicopter also requires the tail rotor to counter the torque angular torsion developed by the main rotor, the rotor collective pitch and requires no other mechanical complexities. And permitted the existence of flying Quadcopter pitch and the handle is fixed to actively change the engine RPM (Rounds Per Minute).

If you want to move forward, and two rear engines rotate faster and also two front engines rotate slower. This tends plane forward, and vector orientation in this way. If you want to shoot and then apply exactly the same principle, but in all parts of the lateral sides. If you need guidance, then you’ll certainly recognize the angular torque. Foot spinning object commensurate with the rate at which the torque is going on.

This is why you see in the main rotor helicopter classics like the tail rotor. In the event that the main rotor rotates counter-clockwise, the entire plane you want to rotate in a clockwise direction to keep the angular momentum. This is why the tail rotor, which results in the momentum necessary to confront the forces of angular momentum necessary. Feel free to visit our Quadcopter Reviews page for more information regarding Drones and Quadcopters.

Even in the quadcopter, are configured so that all of the engines cancel each other out several people. So once you want to yaw (left or right), then two engines facing each other diagonally to reduce speed, and the other two facing each other to increase them. This keeps the lift necessary to keep rising, but the couple transfer torque angle plane that tends to rotate it.

Now it will be impossible to get the rights to calculate precisely the extent of the change in rpm to provide engines quadctopers individual to support management, so that these accounts by the Board of flight control. It is usually equipped with this dish pyrometer and acceleration in some cases. He has a program that controls the engines are primarily based on the position of the aircraft, and user input on the transmitter.



In order that it may possibly all sound somewhat difficult, but fear not, because all these things are complex to deal with in the council flight control. All you have to worry about two sticks one way and one or more step. Even quadcopter will help you to get out of the ground faster? Among my all-time favorite of quadcopters newbies may be a piece Syma X1. Is really very affordable, and will fly very effectively. Wltoys v959 Quadcopter is a ideal alternative to Syma X1 model.

This comes with 2.4 GHz transmitter so as to be able to fly in the outdoors and became a very large scale. Another good rookie quadcopter is MQX Blade. This can be a little quadcopter reviews great worker and also interesting is the fact that it is in fact compatible with other radios so you must not rely on the one that came. Both difficult and will provide hours of flight time leisure.